What is Covid, Grandma?

I hope everyone is staying safe during these strange and difficult times. I’ve been continuing to write and enjoying the beautiful weather, taking time to dig over my garden (we moved here late last summer) along with catching up on some reading. I wrote this poem a few weeks into lockdown and it seemed to

Goodreads Q&A

So, it’s been a while since I last posted anything, however, I have still been working hard! I’m happy to say that my book sales are going well and I’ve been taking part in some ‘ask the author’ Q&A sessions on the Goodreads website, some of which I have posted below. So, take a look,

It’s Finally Here!

So, this is it! My debut book is out there! It’s been a mad few weeks but I’m loving it. Along with the book launch I’m about to embark on a week long show with dance school I attend, so very busy times. The feedback I’m getting so far about the book is amazing and I’m

My First Book of Poems

So, I’m about to release my very first book of poems! It’s both exciting and scary in equal measures! So how did we get here? That’s a good question. I’ve been writing poems and verses for the past 30 (argh!!) years, usually about whatever was going on in my life at that point i.e. falling