I hope everyone is staying safe during these strange and difficult times. I've been continuing to write and enjoying the beautiful weather, taking time to dig over my garden (we moved here late last summer) along with catching up on some reading.
I wrote this poem a few weeks into lockdown and it seemed to strike a chord with the followers of my social media account so I thought I'd share it on here too:
What Was Covid, Grandma?
What did you do when Corona came?
Grandma, were you scared?
Darling, times were very strange,
We could never have been prepared.
Grandma, did you watch the news?
And see those people dying?
Sweetheart, I saw heroes and hope,
And nurses never shying.
Were you angry, Grandma, on that day,
When they told you to stay inside?
My dearest child, we did what it took,
To fight the raging tide.
Did you miss my mummy all that time?
Did you miss her hugs and her smile?
Dear, time apart is what kept us safe,
And we knew it would all be worthwhile.
Did you lose anyone close and loved?
Did covid take them away?
My precious father, he gained his wings,
One sunny day in May.
Did you say goodbye and hold his hand,
Before he closed his eyes?
Darling, covid denied us that,
A sepharic nurse said all our goodbyes.
Oh Grandma, what a special nurse,
To risk her life like so!
Sweetheart, the were many more like her,
More than we'll ever know.
Such sadness bought by covid, Grandma
Such horror and despair!
But darling, there was some good to be found,
Covid taught us all to care.
Stay safe and take care of each other.

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