So, I’m about to release my very first book of poems! It’s both exciting and scary in equal measures! So how did we get here? That’s a good question. I’ve been writing poems and verses for the past 30 (argh!!) years, usually about whatever was going on in my life at that point i.e. falling in love, unrequited love, raising children, getting divorced, mental illness etc, etc. I didn’t really share any of these verses beyond immediate family and close friends and so very few people were aware that I could write but those who read my stuff were very enthusiastic and full of praise. But, they were family and friends and they had to be kind, right? So, I just carried on writing whenever the mood took me, often writing on any bit of scrap paper that was in my vicinity when I found inspiration or was just plain bored waiting outside schools and dance clubs for the kids. I wasn’t too fussy about what I was writing on and would often find myself having to ring school to get another copy of a permission slip because I had scribbled rhyming couplets on the one my child had brought home the previous night. If you look in the glove compartment of my car and find the owner’s manual, the back page of the manual has a lengthy verse ranting about teenage moods and attitude…I can’t remember what inspired this piece, but it was probably my then teenage daughter with one of her world changing, daily dramas. The world around me is also a huge influence on what I write about. I love the simple things in life like being in the garden watching the birds feed and flowers change through the seasons. I like to sit and just watch the world go by and I often write about the things I see. I also have a very dry sense of humour and this tends to creep into a lot of my writing, especially with regards to parenting and pets! As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and huge animal lover in general, I write a lot about my experiences and daily battles looking after and being owned by my four lovely felines. Whilst listening to a Madness song on the radio once, my daughter compared my poems to Madness lyrics by saying ‘you both write about crap and make it sound good!’. For a moment I wondered whether I needed to take offence at her comparison but, as quite often happens with me, I thought that life is too short and so I took it as a compliment. I think…

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